Colorado Group Health Insurance

In Colorado, group health insurance is designed to meet the health care needs of employees of large and small companies. In Colorado, a single person who owns a business could, in some circumstances, qualify for group health insurance benefits. If your employer offers group health plans paying only a portion of the premium, then you are responsible for the rest. This is true for individual and family coverage. Whether the employer pays all or a portion of the cost, Colorado insurance laws dictate that you cannot be refused, or asked to pay more because of your medical condition. Also, your group health insurance can never be cancelled, even if you get sick.

An important point to remember is if you leave your job, you cannot take your group plan with you. You can continue coverage by paying out of pocket for a plan called "state continuation coverage" or COBRA. This coverage usually lasts for three months. It also helps cover any waiting period you may have once you get a new job and new coverage. Keep in mind however; your new coverage may not include medication coverage for a pre-existing condition for up to one year.

Most group health plans in Colorado offer flexibility to companies in choosing plans. Companies usually offer employees several plans to choose from. A good plan will offer benefits like coverage for "out of the network" doctor visits by the members.

In cases where employees contribute to the plan, there are often times a savings plan benefit to employees. Check with your employer to see if one is offered and how it works.

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