How to Avoid Catching Bird Flu While Traveling
International travel has always had its special health challenges, but until recently most travelers were not afraid of anything worse than diarrhea.

Your Medical Records - Are They Really Private
The question in the title seems to beg a yes answer. However, truth is, there are two answers with the real one a shocker. At least it was to me.

Life Insurance SettlementsĀ 
Before discussing the benefits of life insurance payments, it is important to get a clear idea as to what life insurance settlements really are. Simply put, a life insurance settlement is the cash which is given to a policy holder in exchange of the ownership of the policy. One thing to be kept in mind in this regard is that the life insurance policy holder should not be terminally ill.

HIPAA Compliance
All entities that process health care data must comply with HIPAA. Such entities mainly include healthcare providers and insurance companies. According to the provisions made under this Act, any entity that transmits or stores the private health care information of an individual must comply with certain security regulations.

Term Life Insurance Policies
Term life insurance policies offer the most affordable option for life insurance coverage when operating under budget constraints. Millions of people have opted for this choice and insurance providers have come up with a multitude of options for term life insurance to consider all customer requirements.

Individual Health Insurance Plans
Buying individual health insurance plans is a feasible option if you want to avoid falling victim to the escalating medical costs. Buying individual health insurance plans that cover your family is an ideal solution to keep your medical bills in check. This is even more important if you are self-employed or are working for a company that does not cover your health insurance. Even for those working in companies that provide group insurance, it is better to play safe and buy an individual health insurance plan for a greater security.

Hole In One Insurance
Hole-in-one insurance is extremely popular among golf organizers. Those who are in the business of organizing hole-in-one tournaments and want to offer great prizes to players always prefer to have hole-in-one insurance. Hole-in-one insurance is quite similar to auto or health insurance.

Colorado Group Health Insurance
In Colorado, group health insurance is designed to meet the health care needs of employees of large and small companies. In Colorado, a single person who owns a business could, in some circumstances, qualify for group health insurance benefits. If your employer offers group health plans paying only a portion of the premium, then you are responsible for the rest.

Good Health Equals Cheap Life Insurance
If you're looking for cheap life insurance, you should begin looking while you're relatively young and in good health. Age and health are the two biggest factors life insurance agents use to base their decisions about policy pricing.

Life Insurance - Who Needs It
Life Insurance cover provides either a lump sum or an income on the untimely death of an individual. Therefore, anyone who's death would create a financial loss to another has a need for life insurance cover. This could/should include the following...
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