Health Insuranceļæ½

Having a good and a healthy life is one of our life's main prerogatives. To lead healthy lives and protect us from any diseases or emergencies that may occur during our lifetime, health insurance covers are easily available from many companies. Thus an individual or a corporate entity can apply to many health insurance companies and obtain quotes from them. After one has found a cover that suits them the most and the premium that suits their pockets, health insurance covers can be taken.

It's important to understand that you can avail of a number of health insurance plans. Depending upon the age factor, companies can offer you a variety of health insurance covers. In the US, the health insurance market is highly developed. Most plans can be categorized as managed care plans, fee for service plans, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans etc. One can opt out of these plans also. Health insurance companies will give you an option of moving to other plans within a year also. The insurance premium will be worked out according to the health insurance plan that you subscribe to.

When a person applies for health insurance, they are asked a few questions. These questions pertain to personal, medical and financial details. Samples of the questions that may be asked are

- Your name, current address, employment status - The number of members in your family - Whether you have health insurance currently and what is your plan - Do you have any history of family illness or any other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart conditions? - Do you or anybody else in your family smoke - Have you had any operations before? - Have any of your members suffered from any critical illness such as cancer

All questionnaires will address these questions. Dependent upon the answers, the company may choose to provide the cover. They would also ask the person to go in for a medical check up to clarify the answers that you might have given. Its important that as a customer, you must ask for exclusions and inclusions in the policy as well as any deductibles that may be there.

One can also go online and ask for health insurance quotes from various companies. There are many sites, which offer these services. You can even compare the quotes online.

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