Acne Scars and How They Can be Treated

Acne is not a debilitating disease. Under normal or acceptable 'severity', supposedly it is not. But when the acne is starting to almost cover your entire face or just interferes with your daily activities and interactions with other people, acne really becomes a seriously debilitating disease.

When a person is in the process of having acne, what does he do? He will have it treated, of course. The usual modes of acne treatment vary in the severity of the problem. If it is only mild, home remedies and the usual facial care such as proper facial wash twice a day is enough. If the problem is moderate, then topical and oral medications are given along with pricking of the pimples at times.

Sever acne usually leads to more drastic measures such as a combination of topical and oral medications plus pricking plus iontophoresis and the like. With all the modes of treatment, individuals usually resort to taking the matter into their own hands either out of desperation or to 'help' the treatment. What do they do? They prick the pimple and/or scrape it off.

What they do not know is that instead of solving the problem, they are only aggravating it by introducing more bacteria to the broken skin plus adding trauma to it, too. This is why a lot of people who have acne always have acne scars. Having acne scars is another set of problem.

Although it means that the acne problem is resolved, the scars pose another problem. It used to be that people think that acne scars, or any scar for that matter, will never go away since they are the 'healed skin'. This is a misconception since skin cells always regenerate, it may take time but scarring is a temporary appearance of the skin.

However, if the acne scars lower self-esteem just like the acne, then some interventions such as acne scar treatments could be done to solve the problem. There are a lot of ways to treat acne scars. First off is the natural way which consists of frequent exercising (to increasing blood flow to all parts of the body including your face) and eating healthy foods, especially the ones rich in protein and Vitamin C. To help hasten the treatment of the acne scars, the use of AHA (alpha- hydroxyl-acids) and BHA (beta hydroxyl acids) are used topically to help the skin in its remodeling process. Also, regular skin exfoliation is encouraged to rid the skin off its deal cells and thus make room for the new ones.

However, there are just some acne scars that will take a lot of effort to heal them. Dermal fillers are often given via injection to the affected site to raise the skin surface and thus, give the person an even skin. This is usually given to those people with ice-pick scars. For those scars that are very hard to treat, punch excision is often done to excise (or cut away) the skin with the scar and instead of closing it off with a suture; fill it with a skin taken from another part of the person's body such as behind the earlobe.

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