Listen up- experts say the 3 most important ingredients people over 40 need to look and feel great are-
1-A proper diet
2-Some type of exercise
3-A positive mental attitude

This is the fastest, safest and most effective way to lose weight, build muscle and slow down the aging process. Does that surprise you? It is not about magic pills, crazy diets or expensive plastic surgeries.

I am not saying men and women should not have plastic surgery if it is something they truly desire. We live in a society that craves instant gratification. Plastic surgery is definitely a quick fix that can make someone look more youthful and raise their self esteem. But remember, any type of surgery (someone cutting open your face or body) is dangerous.

It can leave you with permanent side effects- even death!

We should always try to use a natural long lasting approach first. We should find a solution that is proven, predictable and safe. Stick to the basics- diet, exercise and a positive mental attitude. It will take you longer, but you will look and feel great! Your family and friends will see your results, and you will become a positive role model to them! You will inspire and motivate them to lead happier, healthier lifestyles.

We are aging every moment of our lives. Be proactive- do not wait until it is too late (mainly death) to make positive changes in your life.

No matter how you look or what kind of physical condition you are in today, you can ALWAYS improve!
Get motivated- start challenging your self limited beliefs.

Here are 10 great lifestyle tips you should remember if you are over 40.
1- Avoid stress
2- Take a multivitamin.

About the Author (text)Brad A. Marcus is a professional marketer and online business owner.
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Men - Listen up- experts say the 3 most important ingredients people over 40 need to look and feel great are-.

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