Affordable Weight Loss Program

Welcome to Houston Weight Loss Centers for an affordable weight loss program well within your budgetary limitations. Our centre which was formerly known as Well Care Clinic offers a very comprehensive program at a very competitive price. You get the very best deal for your needs with prices starting at as little as $99. Our program combines medical weight loss and surgical methods of weight reduction. Medical weight loss covers areas like weight loss counseling, advice on dieting, appetite suppressants and supplements to compensate for the reduced food intake.

If you have tried other weight loss programs and failed or have not been able to sustain the benefits over a period of time, we also offer you very safe and proven surgical methods which give you very visible results, which stay. Our techniques are the very latest like 'Smart Lipo' and 'Power Assisted Tumescent Liposuction'. These procedures are very safe and have the minimum downtime.

You also get the very best in body sculpting. We have a very Affordable Weight Loss Program. For as little as $99 you can have a consultation done, which includes a diet prescription, Lipo-B injection and weight loss supplement advice. Our consultation also includes: Individual advice Medical evaluation and testing Lab work if advised Customized exercise recommendations Supplement prescriptions Should you desire to have liposuction done we also have the very latest available. Our surgeon Dr.

John Bergeron is one of the very best in the country and is featured on '' and ''. The liposuction method we practice is 'Smartlipo' and is the very latest in the field and requires the minimum incision and very little downtime. More about SmartLipo A very small insertion is made in the skin into the layer of fat.

The tube is moved to and fro to direct the laser beam to the targeted areas making them drain away. The laser beam also acts on the dermis, making the skin look better. Because the size of the tube is small, the area of incision is also small and requiring only local anesthesia. Also bleeding, swelling and bruising is also very less. The fact that local anesthesia is used also makes the procedure very safe.

Lipo Dissolve This is available to you for as little as $199 per area per session. This also requires very little incision. The only incision is an injection into the problem area. Fat in unwanted areas can be broken down and it can be used in tandem with other methods. It also does not require anesthesia.

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