Fitness Tune Yourself Into Mental Dynamics

You might ask, "what on earth is mental dynamics?" If you accept that every one of us has a limitless, inherent power, you will also accept that that mighty power will never be exploited or used unless you make it work for you. It is that immeasurable spirit of making it work that we term as mental dynamics. Each of us is born with an individuality, a uniqueness, a bent, a talent.

Each one of us uses that talent in the course of a lifetime. Each one of us attains fulfillment through that talent. And each one of us sees in that fulfillment our individual growth.

That is our mission. That growth is an like an ever-expanding mural on which we sweepingly paint all the spoils collected during our mission. We learn to conserve, to tone down. It is when we put all these experiences into our mental dynamo that it whirls into a ball of concentrated energy and pours out in a gush to suffuse and enhance our lives. It is a never-ending process. It touches every aspect of our life.

And it makes anything we do work for us. That is the power of mental dynamics. From indifference-to fascination Initially, you may be indifferent to exercising if not thrown off by it. But the first lesson for tuning into mental dynamics is to keep your eyes and mind open, See what it has done for others and let that knowledge drip into you drop by drop until it forms a pool of understanding. Look with open eyes at the cardiac patient next door. After his long period of confinement, you will see him back on his feet.

Every morning he rises with the sun to get ready for his daily walk. By the time you are sleepily picking your milk bottle from your doorstep he is already back from his walk, face flushed with ruddy health, opening his door. He is clad immaculately in white shorts, T-shirt, socks and walking shoes. Dimly you realise that he takes deep pride in his new activity. His son or daughter may tell you how he never misses a day whatever the weather and gripes when they advise him not to exert himself because he has a cold.

If you allow yourself to think about it, you will realise how his fitness has changed the tone and tempo of this once-cardiac patient. If you dwell on that thought you will be irresistibly drawn towards it. And as you become more familiar with the subject, its charm will - slowly steal over you until you are completely captivated. Now, you won't see an old man defeated by his heart disease.

But a man rejuvenated, buoyantly marching to the fitness tune, defying the march of time, blowing the bugle of health. You are seeing him with new eyes and an awakened mind. If you talk to him, the odds are ten to one that he would be extremely articulate about his wise, good doctor who advised him to walk. And what walking has done for him. How it has given him a new lease on life. Listen to this man who is so much wiser after his frightening encounter with illness.

In his words you will find the vital, lifesaving principles underlying fitness. And you will be totally fascinated.

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