Get Rid Of Acne Is Stress The Main Cause Of Your Acne

Acne is quite a complex problem and no one has yet to come up with the definitive answer as to why it occurs. There are many theories as to what causes acne so this is why finding an effective acne treatment can be difficult. Many people that suffer from acne may benefit from stress reduction techniques. A lot of researchers believe that acne is increased or aggravated by stress so by simply finding ways to reduce stress you can potentially see a good improvement in your acne condition. Use some of these methods to reduce stress from your life: Method 1: Begin A Regular Exercise Program Performing regular exercise like doing aerobics or lifting weights can be very useful at combating stress and also in improving your health and fitness levels. Do aerobics at least 4 to 5 times a week for twenty to sixty minutes.

You can find many inexpensive aerobic exercise equipment that you can buy like a stair climber or bike that can be very effective and allow you to exercise in the convenience and comfort of your home. If the weather is nice then a brisk walk outside can work just as well. If you have a slightly higher budget then consider getting a recumbent exercise bike as they are very comfortable to use and also quite effective. Joining a gym can also be a great idea, consider taking a friend with you and try to make it fun so you will stick with it long term.

Also add in some weight training once a week or so to help keep your muscles strong. Method 2: Learn Meditation Or Yoga Meditation can have many positive effects for those that do it regularly including less stress and a greater feeling of well being. What is meditation? The simplest definition could be that it is the quest to attain a quiet state of mind. While performing meditation the primary objective is to produce a silent mind that has as few thoughts as possible. When you reach that quiet state of mind you will perhaps now also be at the least stressful and most relaxing state of mind too.

One way to do meditation is to focus on your breathing. The way to do this exercise is to simply put your mental focus on your breath and only focus on that as you breathe in and then out. If you find other external thoughts entering your mind then gently return your mental focus back on the breath. The more you do this the easier it will get so keep at it.

There are many other different variations and forms of meditation and it can be a good idea to look into those for further benefits but this simple exercise of focusing on the breath can be useful in reducing stress and ultimately helping to reduce your acne. You can do this exercise for 3 to 5 minutes at a time whenever you feel like you need to relieve some tension. Method 3: Get A Pet Taking care of a pet can be great at reducing stress.

There has been significant research done showing that having a pet can be rather effective at reducing stress levels. Getting a dog is usually the number one choice as they seem to always be pleased to see you. Dogs will love you unconditionally and of course this should reduce stress from your life and will also allow you to forget more easily any stressful events from your day either at your job or elsewhere.

Method 4: Use Humor Laughing more often can make a huge difference to reducing stress. Read more of the comics in the papers and watch more comedies on television that you like. Even when you go out to watch movies, pick the funny ones first. Laughter can indeed be the best medicine even when it comes to your acne problem. Consider some these stress reduction strategies to help you in your efforts to get rid of acne.

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