Oxygen Deprivation How Its Making You Sick And What You Can Do

What does Health and Car Engines Have in Common? In a way our body works like a machine with thousands of engines. Every cell in your body works like a small engine. And they burn fuel, a lot like car engines. For an engine to function properly, it needs these three things: -Heat - Substance to burn -Oxygen Remove one or have too little of any of these things and your car engine will not run. The same principle is true for the cells in your body.

If heat, substance, or oxygen is lacking, it won't function properly anymore. You've seen those old dread-mobile shake down the road with black smoke coming out of it, and that's because it lacks any of these three things. We are now learning more and more that oxygen deprivation causes different conditions. Fibromyalgia, migraine, headaches, vertigo, and dizziness, just to name a few. Some of these conditions are even considered incurable in the traditional medical system.

Often, we are only focused on the first two factor, good substance to burn (eating well), and heat (exercising to create heat). We tend to forget the third factor, oxygen. There are a number of reasons why we are lacking in oxygen: Pollution is the most obvious reason. Big cities have become polluted, experts even say that there was twice as much oxygen in the air 50 years ago than now. Pollution is something we can't do much about except go where there is less pollution.

However, there is something else that we can do. We can do something about our muscles and our body position, which I've said time and time again to be the main reason for our health problems. Hardly anybody breaths as deeply as he/she should do. The lungs, surrounded by muscles in the breathing passages and muscles that expands the lungs, become weak and do not help us breath enough air.

Tense muscles throughout our body block the blood delivery to the cells instead of supporting it, like they should. This also puts a lot of strain on the heart. Where the illness materializes depends on in which part of the body the oxygen deprivation is the most sever. Migraine and headaches are caused by oxygen deprivation in the brain, so are many cases of vertigo and dizziness. Lack of oxygen in the muscle cells result to fibromyalgia, and Cancer can materialize anywhere there is lack of oxygen. A number of my health programs have been focusing on how to increase oxygen intake and spread it around the body.

These programs include the migraine program, fibromyalgia program, and the vertigo/dizziness program.

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