Protect Your Baby Talc Is Extremely Dangerous

Before using body powder on you or your baby, consider that not all body powder products are baby-safe. Body powders as well as baby powders, having talc as main ingredient may do more harm to you and your baby than good. 1.

Talc Is Like Abestos! Talc is a rock that is mined and processed by crushing and grinding, drying the grinded materials, and then milling them. Through processing, a number of trace minerals are eliminated, but some minute fibers that are comparable to ABESTOS are not separated. Talc, as it is cheap and widely available, is the main ingredient of most baby powders, perfumed body powders and medicated body powders.

You put yourself and your baby at risk when you inhale these products. Body powder is used after bath to keep skin smelling good or to relieve irritated skin. Plenty of individuals are still unaware of the inextricable connection between talc and asbestos. In fact, these two chemicals are very much alike. 2. Talc Causes Cancer! Particles of talc can cause lung and ovarian tumors.

Studies have clearly shown that constant and repeated use of powder in the female's genital area lead to cancer! Talc is able to move inside the reproductive system becomes lodged along the ovary lining. Studies show that talc particles are found in the ovarian tumor and researchers say that women with ovarian tumors have the habit of using talcum powder on their genital area. 3. Powder Inhalation Causes Deaths! Since the early 1980's, records prove that several infants die each year due to accidental baby powder inhalation. Talc is a household hazard.

It is used on babies to prevent diaper rash and to absorb moisture in the skin, keeping babies fresh. Evidently, dusting with baby powder endangers your infant's lungs as there is great possibility of inhaling the product. It is dangerous to expose your baby to this carcinogen. Swelling and irritation of the lungs may occur when the powder is inhaled, and therefore may lead to breathing difficulties. Also, if talc gets in contact with baby's rash or broken skin, inflammatory reaction may take place and that could be very uncomfortable.

4. Use A Substitute! - Instead of powder, use petroleum jelly on babies bottoms every diaper change. It is very effective in preventing diaper rash, because it provides the skin with a film, keeping wetness off the skin. - Use medicated ointments to treat rashes on babies and on your skin. - Ask your pediatrician about other options and products that you can safely use as a baby powder substitute. - Cornstarch mixed with baking soda is a great and safer alternative, to keep you and your baby fresh.

It is much coarser than body or baby powder, and you can also add fragrance in it, if you want to smell good after applying it. 5. Products Worth Checking Into - Neways body and baby powder - Natural body powder - Dermaglow Natural body and baby powder - Lady Emily's Talc-free body powder - Johnson's cornstarch baby powder - Burt's bee dusting body powder - PuriSorb. Very mild, good for all types of skin and formulated with chitosan, aloe vera, tapioca starch, and vitamin E.

6. Guidelines - Check and read the label. The product MUST be talc-free. - Check the date on the container and make sure that the product is fresh. Powder that is stored too long can breed bacteria and contaminate your or your baby's skin. - Don't apply baby powder directly from the container.

Pour it first on your palm and gently pat it unto baby's bottom. Keep powder away from baby's face. - Likewise, be gentle in applying body powder to yourself.

Never dust it on your face and neck directly, to avoid inhaling it, as this can lead to throat irritation. - Don't use body powder on both your and your baby girl's genital area, as well as to areas surrounding it. - Avoid putting powder on baby's skin creases, as the powder cakes can build up and encourage bacteria growth and can cause fungal infection.

- If you have sensitive skin, an unscented body powder will be best for you. - During diaper change, never let your baby play with the powder; it can accidentally spill on his face, causing him to choke, or that he will inhale too much powder and lead to serious lung complication.

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