Weight Loss Programs Why So Many Fail

There are many weight loss programs available today, all with their own theory of the best way to lose inches and shed pounds. If you've tried your share of weight loss programs and none of them have worked for you, well don't feel alone. Thousands of people every year start weight loss programs or join fitness clubs only to find their not losing inches, there too tired to do the routine, and their hungry. Better To Increase Metabolism Then Decrease Calories The reason low calorie diets and low calorie plan weight loss programs don't work is that your body is programmed to decrease metabolism in response to less food. The body as a means of survival slows down the rate it burns calories and in turns starts storing fat. Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories.

This rate can differ significantly from person to person for various reasons such as age, physical condition, and the amount of fat and muscle in your body. If you have a low metabolism, your body burns off fat and calories at a slower rate than someone with a higher metabolism. A slowed metabolism is the main reason that most weight loss programs are not working. If an insufficient amount of calories are provided the bodies metabolism will slow down the process of burning calories and you will be left feeling tired, having a hard time getting through the day, and you won't be able to shed the weight or lose inches the way you want to. Increase Metabolism and Jump Start Your Weight Loss At midthirties, metabolism slows by 3 to 5 % every 10 years, so by age 55, you need 150 fewer calories a day than you did in your midthirties.

To increase metabolism as you grow older, you will need to cut back on calories, so your intake is adjusted or increase your activity level to burn more calories and lose inches again. If you don't make these adjustments to increase metabolism, your body will store the additional fat, and you will gain weight. Adjusting Your Diet and Adding Protein Supplements You can increase metabolism as much as two to three times by eating proteins versus carbohydrates and fats.

Bodybuilders commonly use protein supplements to increase metabolism and to preserve a healthy muscle structure. But don't cut out carbohydrates altogether. Choose complex high-fiber carbohydrates like high-fiber vegetables and cereals; these burn more calories than simple carbohydrates. You can increase metabolism by focusing on quality protein, high-fiber fruits and vegetables, with an occasional high-fiber grain.

Protein is fuel for your body. Chicken, lean meats, and dairy products are excellent choices. Adding protein supplements is a good way to insure you are getting in your diet.

Water I am sure you've heard it said before but well worth must drink at least 8 8-ounce glasses of water a day to keep an ideal metabolism rate. Aerobic Exercise Get as much aerobic exercise daily as you can safely handle. If you have been away from exercise for awhile, a good way to start back slowly is by walking. As your fitness improves you can start to include other aerobic exercises. Exercising early in the day will kick start your metabolism and have it firing all-day long.

Body Detoxification Body detoxification has been a popular subject in the media in recent days and for good reason. Body detoxification involves taking steps to remove chemicals and toxins accumulated in the body and helps to maintain optimal health overall. There are many products available on the market today for removing toxins from your body. I would suggest finding a natural detox program that works with your bodies normal functions.

A natural detox program will address all the areas of the body and all major organs involved, such as colon, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and digestive system. The best natural detox systems provide you with nutrients and supplements that further insure an optimal health experience.

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