Your No Gym Workout

A no gym workout is ideal for those people who aren't members of a gym, and don't have any equipment of their own. There have been fascinating methods devised whereby people can use their own body weight as a tool to build muscles. Here we show you the secrets of the no gym workout.

Step 1 We are going right back to basics here, so if you already know this, bear with us. The first part of a workout should involve cardio as a warm up, to get the blood pumping. A no gym workout needs to abide by this as well. There are many different ways of achieving a solid warm up, so pick the one which suits you. Jogging, running, cycling, any of these will do to get you into the prepared state.

One possible routine which will definitely warm you up is to alternate a couple of minutes of jogging with a minute of sit ups. This will certainly warm you up! Step 2 The arms are so often the main feature of a bodybuilding workout, whether in the gym, or at home. There is plenty you can do for the arms as part of a no gym workout. You will need some kind of weight, and obviously professional measured weights are the best.

If you don't have these, you can always improvise. Bags can contain just about anything, and you can do bicep curls with them. If you use something like tins of food or books, you can always alter the weight ass necessary. Press ups are good for the rest of the arms.

Step 3 The chest is much more difficult to work at home, because the most effective exercises normally involve professional training equipment. A weight bench is ideal if you have one, but if you don't there are still exercises you can perform. In a no gym workout, you will need to do some tough press ups (one handers or declined). You can also dip yourself if you can find the right facility, maybe in the garage or the kitchen. Work surfaces have been successfully used by some people. Step 4 Legs are another area where it is often difficult to find the right circumstances to exercise with your no gym workout, but there are ways of getting round most of the problems.

Squats are your first port of call, as these put a lot of pressure on the legs. You can do these without any weights, and still get good results, or else you can improvise some weights as we did for the arms. Calves can be built up by performing heel raises on a step, or similar structure.

They can also be a side beneficiary of your cardio, especially if that involves skipping. Now you know how to perform a full no gym workout. Keep at it, apply consistency, and you should see results.

No Gym Workouts
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